Case Study

Revolutionising Acute Myocardial Infarct (AMI)


The team at St. Barts were able to address multiple factors that contributed to everyday challenges at the clinic. These included:

  • Appointment management because of high volumes

  • Clinical resource shortages

  • Patient DNA and patient access issues 

  • Inconsistent and inefficient patient data collection

By modelling standardised care pathways digitally and providing patients and clinicians with a digital app to communicate, schedule appointments and collect patient key data, both patients and clinicians where able to experience more productive and convenient consultations, saving time and boosting productivity.


Some of the tools used:

  • Remote patient monitoring

  • Biometric, Proms and Questionnaire collection

  • Enabling Digital Patient Consent

  • Proactively delivering Patient Access to Key Information

  • Virtual Wards with Telehealth Consultation

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 23.31.17.png

The Impact on Appointments

Clinics effectiveness increased significantly as DNAs reduced and appointment rates increased to 88% with appointment times reducing to as low as 6 minutes.

And on Medication

Prior to the remote monitoring only 11% of patients saw changes to their medication, after, 88% of patients saw adjustments to the recommended dose.