Case Study

Gastro Intestinal Cancer(GIC)
A CovID-19 Response


The GI Cancer Clinic is typically looking after an older patient group who faced specific challenges as a result of COVID.  Prior to COVID there were challenges with patient satisfaction and service users wanting reduced duplication and flexibility with how they engaged with and attended the clinic.

Because of COVID and for 
patient safety all face-to-face appointments needed to be suspended, posing a significant issue for clinicians and patients needing follow-up to monitor progress and respond with the necessary medication titration.

The response was swift, creating virtual wards enabling clinicians to monitor and track a large roster of patients progress and needs. COVID accelerated the change that was required and the feedback from patients re-enforced the value of the changes.


Key Achievements:

  • A rapid deployment and rescheduling of Face-to-Face appointments to remove Video Appointments

  • New practices ensured patient safety and appropriate follow-up was maintained.

  • Continuous monitoring was possible with Biometric and PROMS recorded and monitored

The Implementation

The clinic was able to upload its patients and deploy the app to the patients simply. This made the move to a virtual clinic happen with minimal disruption for our patients and clinical team.

and Patient Impact

This was a fast tracking of what we already were in mind to do...and having made the change and with 85% of our patients reporting high levels of satisfaction, you never go back.