Case Study




Using traditional care pathways Endocrine patients experience prolonged delays at every step of their journey. At St. Barts, which is home to one of the largest centres for endocrine disease in Europe, Graves disease patients can be expected to wait 3 months for an initial appointment with a specialist and on average, 106.8 days for a follow up. In addition, patients experience delays in receiving clinic letters as these are sent via post. Often this delay leads to delays or confusion in treatment plans.

By introducing the Ortus iHealth remote patient monitoring system endocrine wards were able to reduce initial follow up times by 44%, to a mere 6 weeks. This incredible reduction in time to follow up was made possible due to the diverse functionality of the Ortus Product.


For clinicians, Ortus has an easy to use portal where providers can create a virtual ward, and safely manage multiple patients at once. Through the portal clinicians can access the most up-to-date information on patient health status through biometric monitoring, lab results, and questionnaires (PROMs), and can make real-time decisions on medication adjustments, changes in treatment, or directly communicate with the patient.


For patients, the addition of video appointments greatly reduced delays in accessing follow up appointments, and reduced transport or work barriers in accessing face-to-face appointments. With Ortus there was an 88% attendance rate. In addition, patients now have immediate access to clinic letters detailing treatment plans and can initiate treatment without delay.


Key Achievements:

  • A rapid deployment and rescheduling of Face-to-Face appointments to remove Video Appointments

  • New practices ensured patient safety and appropriate follow-up was maintained.

  • Continuous monitoring was possible with Biometric and PROMS recorded and monitored

The Implementation

The clinic was able to upload its patients and deploy the app to the patients simply. This made the move to a virtual clinic happen with minimal disruption for our patients and clinical team.

and Patient Impact

This was a fast tracking of what we already were in mind to do...and having made the change and with 85% of our patients reporting high levels of satisfaction, you never go back.

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