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A Patient Portal connecting the entire outpatient journey digitally


Symptoms, vitals, goals


Video consultations

Clinic letters

Medication compliance

Procedure consent

Reduce missed appointments

Increase efficiency & capacity

Improve clinical outcomes

By up to 75%

 By up to 30% 

 By up to 75% 




2. Presented at the European Society of Cardiology

A complete platform with a digital pathway design service

For patients,

a smartphone app

For providers,

a web portal


Remote monitoring


Video consultations

Patient portal

  • Reminders, review and reschedule

  • Symptoms, vital signs and goals

  • Integrate FitBit, Apple Health, etc

  • Doctor-approved questionnaires facilitating focused consultations

  • Convenient, location-independent

  • Access clinic letters, email doctor

  • Medication reminders

  • Give consent for procedures

Digital pathway design

As a doctor-led team, we leverage our clinical expertise to redesign patient pathways using the Ortus-iHealth

  • Reduce missed appointments

  • Remotely monitor patients to provide personalised medicine

  • Real time PROMs data analytics at individual and population levels

  • Secure, easy-to-use, high quality

  • Instant 2-way communication

  • Increased medication compliance

  • Thorough legal consent

The highest security, interoperability and procurement standards

Proud to work with pioneering and innovative partner organisations


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